RENEWables #59: Empowering Social Impact Organizations to Catalyze Real World Change

RENEWables #59: Empowering Social Impact Organizations to Catalyze Real World Change

Today, our social feeds are flooded with so much information, it has become increasingly challenging to cut through all the noise making it all too easy to miss valuable information. That is why creating captivating content that compels people to pause their scrolling and engage with the message is so important. In the world of social impact organizations, creating meaningful change requires more than just a noble mission. It demands strategic thinking, effective communication, and a compelling brand that captures the attention of the audience. By mastering this art, social impact leaders can effectively amplify their voices and generate the desired impact.

On this episode of RENEWables, we sat down with Eric Ressler, the visionary founder and creative director of Cosmic, a design agency focused on empowering social impact organizations to catalyze real world change by helping them nail their impact story, build brand awareness, and inspire action.

Learn more about this intersection between marketing, branding, and social impact and how it serves as a call to action for organizations to prioritize their brand strategy and digital experiences as integral components of their overall business strategy. By adapting to the attention economy, social impact organizations can elevate their message, connect with their target audience, and create positive change on a larger scale.

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