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Project Development

BioStar’s team combines decades of experience in project development, construction, asset management and engineering. Our team is developing the next generation of energy assets from Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) producing Waste-to-Energy plants, to Solar + Storage solutions at both the distributed generation and utility scale.

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Operations & Maintenance

BioStar currently owns and manages a growing portfolio $75+ million in renewable energy assets. Using state-of-the-art monitoring systems and maintaining boots on the ground, our O&M team manages every site, every day, to ensure smooth operations while maintaining a top-notch safety rating.

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Turnkey Financing

BioStar provides the complete capital stack for renewable energy projects. Our team relies on a variety of Joint Ventures and strategic partnerships to ensure that capital is not a constraint. With a long-term approach, and as trusted stewards of capital for our partners, we vet every dollar spent to identify flaws early and ensure premium quality.

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Sustainability is our business. Achieve your ESG Goals with BioStar Renewables.

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