Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve (SMER) Solar Facility – Temecula, CA

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City of Temecula Solar Facility

Location: CA | Industry: Government | Technology: Electricity | Role: Developer

Situated on 16 acres approximately 4 miles southwest of Temecula, CA sits the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve (SMER) Research 1 Solar project, which serves the City of Temecula and Lake Elsinore with clean, renewable energy. The 3.7 MWdc project, which is powered by more than 10,000 photovoltaic (PV) modules, will displace over 4.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 971 cars off the road annually. The cities will purchase the clean energy generated by the solar farm to reduce the cost of power from the local utility company by approximately 15%.

In addition to the public benefits of lower electricity rates and obtaining electricity from a renewable source of power, SMER Research 1 and San Diego State University have agreed to conduct substantial academic research projects at the solar power generating facility site that will study solar radiation, solar energy, soils, and other meteorological and geotechnical data as well as habitat and habitat restoration after the contract ends.

BioStar provided the development, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset management services. California based contractor, Spectrum Energy Development Inc. played a pivotal role in site installation activities and services. The project created jobs for about 30 people at construction peak and can be looked at as an impetus for other solar research projects in California and helping to drive down the cost of solar energy.

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