Cargo Largo – Kansas City, MO – LED Lighting Project – Kansas City

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Cargo Largo

Location: MO | Industry: Commercial Real Estate | Technology: Electricity | Role: Developer

When the property manager at Cargo Largo learned of the benefits of LED lighting, he decided that replacing their energy efficient fluorescent lighting would resolve several issues. The motivation to upgrade came from not only the energy savings, but also the improved light in the warehouses full of inventory, the ability to resolve lighting design issues, and the elimination of bulb replacement.

BioStar retrofitted 800,000+ square feet including three warehouses, offices and exterior flood lights. The lighting design was improved by moving fixtures that were above shelving to the ideal location in the center of aisles. Occupancy sensors increase energy savings and simplify the workflow in the warehouses. Even with the extra costs of moving lights, adding sensors, and replacing energy efficient fluorescents, Cargo Largo will save over $200,000 after project costs over 10 years.

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