Our mission is to lead a global transition to cost effective renewable energy and help our customers emerge with less dependence on finite resources, creating a more sustainable earth for future generations.

A Letter From Our CEO

Since our inception in 2005, BioStar’s commitment to sustainability has been ingrained in both our culture and the daily work we do. This commitment has only deepened with time. An electrician by trade, I have worked in the electrical business throughout my entire career. This led BioStar into the Solar, LED lighting and ESCO business. My role as an equity investor in an early-stage waste-to-energy-fertilizer project evolved into the development of our patented organic fertilizer and water clean-up process. Our partnership with E Light Electric has built 2,000MW of solar, led us into the development and ownership business. We can now proudly say that we are a fully integrated energy services company (ESCO), developing, owning, and operating renewable energy assets. And we are just getting started.

While we have grown exponentially in scope, focus, and size, it is critically important to me as the company’s Founder and CEO that two ideas remain at the center of our business. Internally, that every employee strives to doing well by doing good. And externally, that our projects significantly move our customers toward greater sustainability and dramatically reduced energy costs.

To foster these goals, BioStar has sharpened its commitment and aims to become a thought leader in the renewable energy space. Our expertise, insight and partnerships have proven invaluable to our clients — helping them navigate a cleaner footprint and achieve targeted ESG goals. And as we’ve always said, it’s hard to unknow something once you know it. We believe it’s our duty as an energy services leader, to take our success stories and inform the wider public of the benefits and realities of cost-effective renewables to create a more sustainable earth.


Bill Love

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