Creating Ambience with LED Lighting Design at Grace Church

When Grace Church began the expansion of their building, they knew they wanted their new facilities to have a modern and welcoming ambience.  Recognizing that high-quality LED lighting design would help fulfill this goal, they came to BioStar Lighting for their expertise.  BioStar’s team assisted in designing lighting solutions tailored to each space. The result is an elegantly modern church that guests delight in visiting.

Extensive research by LED manufacturers and collaboration with the Department of Energy has revolutionized the way we light our world. In addition to the well-known energy savings, the LED industry has gained unprecedented control over the color, brightness and coverage of lighting. The result is a dynamic flexibility that allows designers to customize the ideal LED lighting design for any application. Grace Church is an excellent example of how LED lights can be used creatively.

Main Hall:

In the expansive main hallway, LED lights produce a vibrant, airy atmosphere.  Recessed lights with broad coverage areas were chosen to reduce dark spots, so the entire hall is filled with light. Additional hanging fixtures offer a modern look and produce intriguing patterns on the walls. The lights also compliment geometric ceiling panels, accenting the creative aesthetic.


Warm lights were chosen to create a cozy, friendly atmosphere in the café. Designers can choose from slight color variations that affect the mood of a space. And unlike fluorescent lights that change color as they age, LEDs retain the perfect hue. They also allow the choice between focused and broad coverage lights, making LEDs ideal for a variety of applications. Focused accent lights at the serving counter add to the café’s charm and interest, creating amusing shadows and bright spots.


LED troffers offer excellent coverage and the ability to choose the brightness and hue. They eliminate the unpleasant flickering, yellow glow of fluorescents. The improved work environment has significant benefits for the health and well-being of staff. In addition to the ability to see better, the similarity of LEDs to natural light increases productivity and improves moods.

Rewarded for Saving Energy:

In addition to a modern look and feel, Grace Church also wanted an energy efficiency solution that would both benefit the environment and reward them with financial savings.  They discovered that LED lighting would significantly reduce energy use with a relatively small increase in their construction costs. The upgraded lights would pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

LED lights in the lower parking lot alone will save the church $350,000 in utility bills over the lifetime of the lights. The additional maintenance savings of $126,000 due to the long life of LEDs is also significant; it is particularly difficult to replace outdoor area lights which require a lift. Motion sensors that enable lights to automatically dim when not in use also contribute to the excellent savings. Altogether, the church will save approximately $476,000 on outdoor lighting costs alone before they have to replace a parking lot light!

Grace Church is so pleased with the many benefits of LED lighting that they have decided to retrofit their existing building, starting with the upper parking lot where they will achieve the greatest savings.