Time Lapse Video: Upgrade to LED Lights in a Minute Per Light with LED Troffer Retrofit Lights

Many business owners know the benefits of LED lighting and energy efficiency upgrades, but don’t want to disrupt their business for construction. LED Troffer Retrofit products such as those made by Orion Energy Systems are the best solution. BioStar Lighting’s flexible installation schedule combined with the fast and clean installation of the LED troffer retrofits make lighting upgrades easy for any business.

A Quick Transformation

BioStar installed more than 450 Orion LDR lights at US Toy's office in a weekend without interfering with the company’s work schedule. The difference in light quality and the ease of installation can be clearly seen in the time-lapse video of the installation.

Employees were amazed by the rapid transformation! Now they enjoy the brighter, color-balanced light and feel energized by their new work environment. They also appreciate their company’s efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

The LED troffer retrofit lights reuse the existing housing, so the ceiling does not have to be removed or broken. Fixtures can be retrofitted in as little as 1 minute per light! The LDR achieves more than 100 lumens per watt and is rated for a minimum of 125,000 operating hours. This means lights that used 108 watts will only use 32 watts after the upgrade. The new lights at US Toy use 64% less energy than the fluorescent lights that were replaced.

The energy savings were so great that U.S. Toy received an award from the Department of Energy’s Interior Lighting Campaign for “Exemplary Retail, Food Service or Grocery Sector Site”.

The Next Phase of Upgrades:

Warehouse LED Lighting

US Toy was so pleased with the LED office lighting installation that they continued the upgrade in their warehouses. By choosing a variety of products to meet their needs, BioStar helped US Toy achieve nearly 70% lighting energy savings in the warehouses, with an annual savings of 256,000 KWH, and an investment payback of less than 2 years.

Continuous bulb replacement that was necessary with the previous lights was one of US Toy's motivations for upgrading to long-lasting LEDs. Maintenance of lights has been eliminated by the switch, increasing their savings even more and allowing the maintenance team to focus on other areas.

“Because these LED fixtures are maintenance-free, we’re able to reduce maintenance costs by not having to replace bulbs, and free up those staff to address other priority jobs in our facility. Plus the cost savings in replacement lamps let us move capital toward other key projects,” said Seth Freiden, CEO of U.S. Toy. “It also supports U.S. Toy’s ongoing commitment to sustainability including retrofitting our factories with energy-efficient lighting, controls, solar, and increased use of recycled packaging.”

The improvement in brightness and color are remarkable, as can be seen in the before and after photos.  In the second set of photos, you can see the contrast between the old metal halide lights and daylight entering the warehouse on the right side. The LED lights offer a much more natural and appealing lighting color. 

Video courtesy of US Toy / Constructive Playthings