BioStar Enters the Quick Service Restaurant Market

BioStar Lighting has recently entered the Quick Service Restaurant market with a bang. Within the first months of entering the QSR Market, BioStar is already working with franchisees from KFC, Taco Bell, A&W Restaurants, Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway, with plans to expand to many more local and national groups.

The Question Is No Longer Why – The Question Now Is How
The idea of QSR LED lighting is not new; franchisees recognize that LED lighting will lower electricity and maintenance costs and will give their stores a fresh, modern look through an increased quality of light.

Though they understand the benefits of LED lighting, many franchisees face the challenge of how to find the capital to execute across their locations. BioStar has introduced the new EnergyShare program to solve the question of how. EnergyShare is designed for multi-location franchisees to easily roll out an LED lighting solution across their portfolio of properties with no upfront costs, keeping projects cash flow positive from day one.

LED lighting uses 50-80% less electricity than traditional lighting. The lights last up to 100,000 hours, with average lifetimes of 10+ years in a QSR environment, so they are virtually maintenance-free. The combination of energy and maintenance savings often reduces restaurant lighting costs by at least 75%, eliminating thousands of dollars in expenses per store. These savings more than pay for the cost of the upgrade.

Ray Aley of White Management operates over 25 stores of different brands in upstate New York. He recently decided to upgrade to LED Lighting with BioStar. According to Ray, “In addition to the cost savings, I love the clean look of LED and how it gives my stores more vibrancy.  It was an easy decision to work with BioStar to upgrade the lighting in my stores.  They are a trusted partner with a program that made the project simple.”

Emphasis on The Customer
BioStar’s national footprint means they have exclusive partnerships with leading LED lighting manufacturers. Choosing first-class LED products, BioStar designs a custom LED lighting solution for each brand, making sure franchisees are pleased with the upgraded quality of light in their stores.

The BioStar team works with QSR franchisees to analyze their current lighting and then design a solution to maximize light quality, utility and maintenance savings, and available rebates. Clients are provided with a complete summary, including products, savings, financing options, and the benefits of a rollout with EnergyShare. The restaurant LED lighting solutions can be easily and quickly rolled out across the entire portfolio. The program is designed to be easy and time-efficient.

The BioStar Lighting team is pleased to open the door to the Quick Service Restaurant industry, adding it to their extensive list of commercial markets and allowing BioStar to make an extraordinary impact on the nation’s energy use.