Hallmark LED Lighting Renovation at Crown Center Surpasses Expectations

Once again, Hallmark is leading the way in adopting cutting-edge technology, with extremely positive results.  At the turn of the century, when many artists and photographers still insisted that art doesn't belong on computers, Hallmark insisted on going digital.  Now at a time when many people still worry about the quality of light and cost of LED lighting, Hallmark has seen the light and recognized the benefits.  The new Halls department store design includes LED lighting.  Now Hallmark is working with BioStar Lighting to begin retrofitting parking garages, starting with the very prominent Crown Center garage.

Hallmark continues to be a leader in adopting technology with BioStar LED lighting retrofits!
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BioStar's Custom Solution Delivers a Brilliant Aesthetic
BioStar designed a solution to meet their goal.  The dimly lit garage was a stark contrast to the bright, cheerful shopping complex to which it is attached.  Hallmark wanted a new aesthetic that would reflect the changes that were happening on the inside.  Halls on Grand expanded and redesigned their store so it is bright and airy, sophisticated and modern, and at the same time, welcoming to all.  The goal was to extend the changes to the outside, so that visitors' entire experience, from the time they park to the time they leave, is brilliant.

The resulting transformation has received extremely positive responses regarding the light output, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.  The old fluorescent lighting was unreliable, dimming as temperatures dropped.  It did not provide good light coverage, with some areas being darker than others.  And the color of the light was unappealing.  LEDs deliver much more reliable, appealing light that travels farther, making the entire room brighter.  The difference is clear as visitors enter the renovated third floor.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the Halls on Grand parking garage lighting project!" said Dana Clark, the Staff Engineering Consultant for Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation.  "This is in large part due to the customer service provided by David and the entire BioStar Lighting team.  From getting an amazing price on my fixture selection clear through the final installation and helping us re-order the handheld lighting control that was lost in the shuffle, David’s attention to the project details and timely communication was what customer service is all about.  Thank you, BioStar!”

Plans for the Future Will Save Energy and Money
Hallmark is so pleased with the new lights that they are considering retrofitting more than 900 fixtures in nearby garages.  In 2015, they will replace 440 high-pressure sodium lamps in a second garage with LED lights from Cree, Inc, one of BioStar's supplier partners. BioStar's projections estimate that the new lights will result in an estimated 76% energy reduction, saving Hallmark more than $766,000 over 10 years, and the payback period will be less than 2 years.  Additionally, the project will result in 1,212,577 pounds of CO2 avoided.  They also replaced 6 fixtures in a third garage, with plans to continue retrofitting the garage in phases over the next few years.

LED Industry Research Delivers Results
The industry has rapidly improved LED technology over the last few years, gaining control over lighting color & output, cost, and durability.  Energy efficiency is not the only benefit.  There are numerous advantages to converting to LED, many which are clearly seen at Crown Center.