Featured Project-Energy Efficient Lighting in BASIS Schools

BioStar Lighting has been working with Basis Schools (www.basisschools.org) for the past three years, installing energy efficient lighting in the new schools the customer is putting up around the country. Basis has built 14 new schools over the past three years, and BioStar has supplied energy efficient lighting to all of them. At first, the architect on the jobs specified traditional lighting, but eventually the designs began to specify efficient lighting. On average, each school is able to save about $25,000/year from reduced energy consumption, and a further $7,000/year in maintenance savings through avoided bulb and ballast replacement. Now the architect understands that energy efficient lighting in schools is a smart choice.

“The first year was a real hard sell, and last year was easier, but now they are specifying our products in the new construction,” - Mark Mansheim, President and COO of BioStar Lighting.

Basis Schools’ original designs called for a 3-lamp, 105-Watt fixture to provide the bulk of interior lighting. BioStar’s replacement solution is a 44-Watt fixture, representing a 60% energy and maintenance savings. We supply the whole lighting package on Basis Schools’ new builds, right down to the exit signs.

We estimate that Basis Schools has saved $384,000 over the past two years, and we are projecting total savings of $576,000 across their fleet of 14 schools for the 2014-2015 school year.

energy efficient lighting in schools

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