Episode 24: A Big Legislative Win for the Bioeconomy

New Legislation Secures Federal Funding for the Renewables Industry

RENEWables welcomes back Mark Riedy of Kilpatrick Townsend, an international project finance lawyer with over 45+ years in the energy, chemical and infrastructure space. His leadership across the renewables industry has proven to be instrumental in making impactful legislative changes to USDA and DOE programs that have helped bioeconomy developers secure federal funding needed to support new and ground-breaking technologies. Riedy’s vast and in-depth knowledge provides his clients the critical guidance needed to chart a greener path.

RENEWables, A Sustainabilty Podcast is a new podcast focused on the energy landscape of today. Everything from emerging renewable energy technologies to sustainability practices to why brands are changing the way they think, RENEWables is a source for current and dynamic conversation.

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