Episode 6: Microgrids Bring the Power

Episode 6: Microgrids Bring the Power
In this power-packed episode of RENEWables, Duncan Campbell, VP of Project Analysis at Scale Microgrid Solutions, gives us a comprehensive breakdown of microgrids and how they differ from other distributed energy projects. A holistic microgrid approach, which includes solar, battery storage and generators, create systems that equal more than the sum of their parts — achieving the economic, sustainable and resiliency benchmarks customers are coming to expect.
Understand the basics between co-generation and tri-generation and what happens to the heat waste created from behind-the-meter power projects. This is a timely and conversation that underscores why resiliency is driving fundamental changes in the U.S. energy market.
RENEWables, A Sustainabilty Podcast is a new podcast focused on the energy landscape of today. Everything from emerging renewable energy technologies to sustainability practices to why brands are changing the way they think, RENEWables is a source for current and dynamic conversation.

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