RENEWables #56: From Field to Fork to Field – A Plant-Based, Zero-Waste Composting System

RENEWables #56: From Field to Fork to Field – A Plant-Based, Zero-Waste Composting System

The food industry generates a substantial portion of not only food waste, but also packaging waste. In the United States alone, the food and beverage sector accounts for approximately 23% of all packaging waste. Plastic is the most widely used material for food packaging, representing around 40% of total plastic usage, which comes with several challenges, including environmental pollution, resource depletion, and health concerns. Therefore, there is a growing movement to reduce the use of plastic in food packaging and promote more sustainable and circular packaging solutions, such as compostable plastics, paper-based packaging, and reusable containers.

Better Earth is a Georgia-based company committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship through composting. Its main goal is to create more sustainable systems by providing 100% plant-based products and services to customers all around the world. Through the distribution of zero-waste packaging solutions, Better Earth is providing the ability to revitalize, regenerate and replenish local economies, while supporting carbon sequestering and addressing public health concerns all around. This starts in the fields where the plants are grown, to the food service establishments where the products are used, and then back to the fields where they compost the materials and start the entire process over—creating a closed loop, zero-waste system. 

Join this episode of RENEWables and meet VP of Sustainability at Better Earth, Savannah Seydel to discover more about  composting, plant-based packaging, and how food waste reduction and resource efficiency improvements can have significant economic, social, and environmental benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving natural resources, and improving food security.

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