RENEWables #51: Heartland Industries – Hemp, Standardizing Sustainable Materials & Other Technologies

RENEWables #51: Heartland Industries – Hemp, Standardizing Sustainable Materials & Other Technologies

Heartland Industries is a material science company that engineers hemp fibers to replace and augment traditional materials like fiberglass, talc, and calcium carbonate. With its renewable sources and eco-friendly biodegradability, Hemp is a revolutionary material that's making waves in the sustainability movement. Crafted from lipids and cellulose found naturally within Cannabis plants, this composite bioplastic is fully bio-degradable - providing an innovative solution for reducing our impact on the environment.

By working with brands and their suppliers, Heartland helps to embed Carbon negative additives into everyday products without any re-tooling costs. This helps drive down the cost, weight, and carbon footprint of these raw materials which are found in a variety of industries from automotive to consumer packaged goods. Moreover, Heartland is exploring ways to increase performance in rubber, foam, asphalt, cement, concrete and paper supply chains while continuing to reduce the carbon footprint of these industries.

Join us on this episode of RENEWables and meet the CEO and Co-founder of Heartland Industries, Jesse Henry, to learn more about how the Michigan-based hemp engineers are driving their mission to integrate hemp fiber into every industry, how they have positioned themselves as a sustainability partner and the necessary sacrifice required to saving the planet for future generations.

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