RENEWables #47: 2022 SuperSix Field Trials Farm Tour!

RENEWables #47: 2022 SuperSix Field Trials Farm Tour!

Your host, David Smart, and BioStar’s Chief Agronomist, Allen Philo hit the road to meet and greet farmers in the midst of BioStar’s 5th year of SuperSix field trials! BioStar is grateful that Prairie Earth Farms, Sam Knob Farm, and Twin Pines Organic Farms participated in a variety of crop trials using our SuperSix organic fertilizer. From Wisconsin to Illinois, to Indiana to Michigan, these organic farmers each have their own unique approach to growing organically, but this year, there is a common thread, using SuperSix in field trials to improve crop yield and boost fertility. 

On this episode of RENEWables you will learn about the history and crop mixture of these incredible Midwest organic farms. These conversations were recorded at farm-to-table restaurants, in the barns and even in the field! We learn about how these farmers are utilizing SuperSix and what they have learned from the trials. You will hear from the farmer some of the benefits of using SuperSix, how it is applied, and more! Tune in and subscribe.

PrairiErth Farms

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