RENEWables #43: EcoEnclose—The One-Stop-Shop for Eco-friendly Shipping Solutions

RENEWables #43: EcoEnclose—The One-Stop-Shop for Eco-friendly Shipping Solutions

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that plastic and other packaging waste makes up around 30% of total U.S. waste annually. That’s only in the U.S., so imagine what that looks like worldwide.  Creating more sustainable practices within your business is essential for the health of the planet and as more companies start to enhance their sustainability efforts, updating product packaging is becoming a no-brainer!  Tune into this episode of RENEWables featuring Saloni Doshi, CEO and “Chief Sustainability Geek”, at EcoEnclose—the world’s most eco-friendly packaging company, to learn how to evolve your company’s sustainability packaging strategy and help save the planet.

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