RENEWables #38: Wilbur-Ellis – Overcoming Challenges in Organic Farming

RENEWables #38: Wilbur-Ellis – Overcoming Challenges in Organic Farming

With inflation on the rise, the price of fertilizers is up a staggering 260% post-pandemic, causing farmers to cut back on the amount of fertilizers they can use on their crops and risking smaller yields. This problem comes at a time when food production is critical and finding solutions isn’t always easy, especially for farmers facing challenges that could pose serious threat to the future of their crops.

On this episode of RENEWables, we sit down withJason Ellsworth, Organic Portfolio Manager at Wilbur-Ellis, Agribusiness division, as he talks about the effects of organics on soil health, the current organic market and how the 100-year old company plans to help overcome crop challenges through innovative products and services that also help maximize return on investment.

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