Better Light, Lower Costs: The Landing Mall Retail LED Lighting Case Study

Better Light, Lower Costs: The Landing Mall Retail LED Lighting Case Study

The LED upgrade of outdated lights produces better security and a stylish modern look while eliminating maintenance headaches. High quality LEDS and additional energy saving controls will pay for themselves in only 1.4 years and will produce over $1 million in savings over 10 years, while the lights and fixtures will last up to 30 years.

The Opportunity:

  • A Block & Co managed property
  • Project completed with Landing Venture Associates
  • Outdated lights inside were inefficient and unappealing metal halide and T12 flourescents
  • Exterior parking lights did not produce enough light, resulting in multiple dark spots.  The high wattage metal halide and high pressure sodium lights are extremely inefficient.
  • All lights required constant, expensive maintenance.  Costs included maintenance staff, replacement bulbs and ballasts, and equipment used to access tall lights on ceilings and in the parking lots.

The Solution:

  • Upgrade of all lighting in common areas, center court, parking lots, dock, exterior wall packs, and Tres Bliss
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Eliminated Fixtures in Certain Areas
  • Replaced 300+ Fixtures and 1000+ Lamps with high quality lighting
  • Brighter light and better coverage improves security
  • Better light quality improves customers’ experience
  • Project Partner: Light My Life, LLC

The Benefits:

  • Payback Period:  1.4 Years
  • Return on Investment (ROI): 68%

*Rebates included in ROI / Payback Period Calculations
*Possible Tax Benefits Not Included in Calculations

Additional Energy Savings Controls:

  • Timers
  • Dual Switching