David Smart

David Smart

President & COO – Energy Reduction


David graduated from Indiana University with a Management degree from Indiana’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. His background includes various entrepreneurial and sales endeavors starting with the founding of his first company, Smart ‘n’ EZ Apparel in 2009. Smart ‘n’ EZ Apparel provided custom apparel and promotional goods for campus organizations at numerous Big 10 schools. Upon graduation, David and his partner sold their company. 

After college, David moved to Washington DC where he began a career in politics. Working in outreach on Capitol Hill, David began selling LED projects on the side. He eventually followed the industry home to Kansas City where he began working at BioStar. 

David has multiple years of experience developing energy efficiency projects with a focus in LED lighting. As VP of Sales for BioStar, his experience includes negotiating purchasing agreements, sales and development, project management and utility consulting. 

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