BioStar Organics Opens New Organic Fertilizer Plant in Othello, WA

Company expects to produce up to 500,000 gallons of SuperSix™™ organic liquid fertilizer/year.

Biostar Organics, part of BioStar Renewables, announced today the commissioning of its first OMRI Listed, SuperSix™™ organic liquid fertilizer plant, located in Othello, WA. Together, with its Sheboygan Falls, WI facility — scheduled to be on-line in late 2019 — BioStar Organics will yield up to 500,000 gallons of organic liquid fertilizer annually and has contracted to sell all of its production for the next five years. This far exceeds the production abilities of most food-safe, organic liquid fertilizer plants in the US market.

Derived from agricultural waste, BioStar’s patented nutrient recovery fertilizer process consists of mechanical filtration, pasteurization and concentration techniques. It produces an ultra-clean and, unprecedented, pathogen-free 6% organic liquid fertilizer — consisting almost entirely of plant-available ammonium.

Unlike its competitors, SuperSix™™ contains nearly 100% plant available Nitrogen, which provides impressive efficiencies in fertilizer application methods and crop utilization. As a result, BioStar is able to provide a best-in-class product for certified organic growers.

Not only does SuperSix™™ organic liquid fertilizer meet National Organic Program (NOP) requirements for farming, it’s easy to handle, will not settle and is has a very low freezing temperature. Additionally, manure pathogens and harmful bacteria are destroyed during the anaerobic digestion process — resulting in an OMRI Listed product that’s safe to use on fruits and vegetables. 

John Martin, President of BioStar Organics says, “This is a revolutionary fertilizer that has far exceeded expected crop yields in many circumstances. The fact that we can partner with US farmers to grow healthier, more resilient, crops demonstrates our leadership within the Organics category. Additionally, we have a firm understanding of waste management practices and have established methodologies to convert organic waste to energy. We’re excited to lead the charge as organic farming continues to expand in the US.”

BioStar Organics is a waste-to-energy company focused on converting organic material through anaerobic digestion, including livestock manure into biogas, electricity and premium organic fertilizers. Clean water is also a by-product of BioStar’s nutrient recovery system, reducing water pollution in the surrounding ecosystem. For more information, visit

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