BioStar Tackles Indoor Air Quality Head On

BioStar Tackles Indoor Air Quality Head On

OVERLAND PARK, KS (June 19, 2020) The decision to double down on addressing the issue of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) has proven a prudent one for Overland Park based, BioStar Renewables. Founded in 2005, BioStar is a full-service renewable energy services company that provides fully financed, turnkey engineering, procurement and construction of renewable energy assets. Timely creative strategic partnerships have been a critical component to BioStar’s success as has been proven with their alliance with AtmosAir™ Solutions – certainly pre COVID-19 and particularly now.

AtmosAir Solutions has created a state-of-the-art air purification technology using bipolar ionization that significantly eliminates dust, mold, viruses, VOCs, and bacteria by seamlessly attacking these contaminants at the source rather than through a filter process. And in exciting recent news, AtmosAir has recently obtained verification from world renown Microchem Laboratory that their air purification technology is 99.92% successful in eliminating the novel coronavirus with complete neutralization taking a mere 30 minutes. This news could not come at a more opportune time when nations contemplate how to best protect their citizens as economies re-open.

BioStar has placed particular focus on schools around the country. Recently, BioStar helped Dubois Integrity Academy in Riverdale, GA and New Heights Academy in New York, NY implement solutions that have not only improved air quality but have significantly reduced the schools’ operating budgets. It is proven that air quality improvements have single-handedly reduced sick days, improved student cognitive ability, increased alertness to name a few.

As David Smart states,

“We could not be more excited about our partnership with AtmosAir and the work we are doing in tandem with them to improve the air quality of indoor spaces – in particular in schools. The recent news of over a 99% elimination of the novel coronavirus using the AtmosAir air purification technology, is particularly exciting and greater affirmation that this technology is the best on the market. And BioStar is committed to helping make it financially feasible for as many entities as possible.”

 A few facts:

  • Asthma causes 13 million missed school days in the US
  • According to the Harvard "School's for Health" report, 46%, or an estimated 60,000 schools face indoor air quality challenges.
  • From K-12, students will spend 16,000 hours in school second only to home.
  • In a study conducted by Boston Children's Hospital, of 180 classrooms across 12 schools in the Northeast USA, mold was present in 100% of the classrooms in both newer and older schools.

BioStar is moving full speed ahead. In its efforts to reduce carbon dependency and to create a cleaner more sustainable planet, the health of wellness of people is crucial. Working alongside AtmosAir Solutions to create as many opportunities to utilize this proven technology is of highest priority and they are just getting started.