Solar Energy

BioStar is a full-service solar developer with extensive experience to build, own and operate customized turnkey solar solutions. Our management team has diverse and vast experience in a variety of fields and industries including solar installations, hydroelectric, biomass, financing and contracting.

BioStar has over a gigawatt of combined knowledge through owning, estimating, financing, installing, and maintaining solar projects. From small commercial to utility-scale, BioStar can provide a turnkey proposal that is tailored to your needs, whether it be a PPA, tax lease, financed, or build transfer.

Our design approach is always changing as new products and technologies are released into the marketplace. This allows us to be flexible and customize a solution that is best suited for the customer, whether it be a standalone solar PV installation or solar PV + battery storage for reducing off-peak demand. Our relationships in the industry allow us to procure the equipment at the best rates in the industry.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is rapidly evolving into a necessary solution for energy markets. Storage unlocks the ability to enhance renewable energy projects as well as reduce customer's demand charges and stabilize their energy use. They can also serve as an emergency back-up energy supply to keep critical systems running in the event the grid drops out. BioStar is technology agnostic when it comes to batteries and will source the best better for your particular application.


Batteries + Solar

Utilizing batteries with Solar PV enables the customer to generate excess energy and store the energy for later use when solar is not producing.

Peak Shaving

Storing energy during cheap rate periods enables the customer to discharge the cheap energy during high demand periods saving money.

Emergency Backup

Battery storage can be used as a source of backup power in times of emergency when the grid is disconnected.