The following are just a few of the organizations moving towards zero waste by diverting their waste to the anaerobic digester. Contact us if you’d like to become a partner!

Suez Environment

SUEZ is a large international water and wastewater solutions company with extensive experience in many California projects, including those involving anaerobic digestion. The SUEZ team brings the experience of both the local industrial operations as well as international experience with a broad range of anaerobic digestion processes and the proprietary MONSAL technology. CleanWorld has been involved in this project from its inception and was a major reason for OES being awarded the California Energy Commission grant. The blending of these two technology providers is important in assuring that this project receives both the highest level of technical expertise as well as technologies that are well-grounded in decades of anaerobic digestion experience.

Martin Energy Group

The Martin Energy Group is a leading supplier of power generation equipment using standard fuels (diesel, propane, etc.) as well as biofuels such as biogas and versatile dual fuel systems.  Martin has built and installed hundreds of power generation systems across the united states and is known for their quality, integrity, service, and responsiveness. Martin utilizes the best engine components from leading companies such as Cummins, Detroit, Dresser-Rand, Caterpillar, GE Jenbacher, and others.  Martin also can provide equipment for gas scrubbing and conditions, controls and automation, portable systems, fully self-contained engines, noise and air pollution mitigation, and more.

Stellar J

Over the past twenty years, Stellar J has proven its expertise to manage and build large projects. Its staff is made up of industry professionals with many years of experience. Stellar J's resume includes wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, pump stations, green energy, pipelines, landfill gas, bridges, marine construction, road construction, landfill construction, park construction and similar projects. Stellar J understands that water and wastewater treatment projects are uniquely complex, consisting of thousands of pieces and specialized equipment customized to each project.

Aqua Engineering

AQUA Engineering, Inc. (AQUA) is a “boutique” civil engineering firm specializing in municipal engineering, water resources, water and wastewater treatment design, and environmental services. The depth of their experience includes a proven track record in municipal water treatment, water distribution, industrial wastewater treatment, facility structure design, sewer collection and pumping, water resource development, mapping and modeling, hydrologic and environmental studies and master plan development. Aqua has been involved in numerous digester projects across the country including agricultural, food waste, and conventional activated sludge digestion projects.  Their knowledge of the digestion process, gas production, energy conversion, and the production of quality and accurate designs has propelled them to be one of the most recognized and respected boutique environmental engineering firms in the country.