Flexible Financing Options for Renewable Energy


We are committed to the structure that best suits your business goals, including Power Purchase Agreements, direct cash sales and least structures.


Financing & Investment
BioStar has built a partnership strategy that allows us as a late-stage co-developer to work with our earlier stage co-development partners in an efficient and sustainable manner that creates a predictable and reliable platform for transacting and closing projects, with:

  • A complete financial package that relieves the burden of seeking multiple sources. We have financed utility-scale projects, Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Distributed Generation (DG), municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals (MUSH). Giving you the time and resources you need to focus on what's most important to you, selling and developing renewable energy projects.
  • A recognized, systematic methodology that efficiently moves projects through every phase of development.
  • A partner who will be around for the long-haul with industry connections that help drive sustainable profits into your business.

Predevelopment Funding

  • BioStar partners with our co-development partners to provide predevelopment funding for items like engineering, interconnects, permitting, deposits, etc. prior to NTP.

Sponsor Equity

  • BioStar Renewables provides sponsorship equity to projects and will act as the long-term asset holder of qualifying projects for the 20 to 30-year life of the system.

Construction Financing

  • BioStar provides construction financing at NTP, which can include fees to our co-development partners.

Tax Equity

  • The monetization of ITC (Investment Tax Credit) is one of BioStar’s primary strengths. We are conduits to the ITC market for multiple renewable tax credit investors. Our tax equity investors have different models, structures, economics and risk tolerances. This diversity allows us to best match the projects to the tax equity investor.

Project Debt

  • BioStar’s EPC experience and industry relationships provide creditworthy performance guarantees that provide construction financing at a low cost.


  • BioStar has strategic creditworthy buyers for state tax credits, which allow us to include these multiple-year contracts in the project capital stacks.


  • BioStar Leasing is a financing option that allows us to finance both energy production projects and energy reduction projects, such that the projects are cash flow positive at the flip of a switch. These financing instruments include:
    • Capital Lease
    • Operating Lease
    • Power Purchase Agreements

Get Started

Contact BioStar Renewables at 913-369-4100 or email us for more financing information. The payment option and interest rate are subject to change.

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