Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning can account for up to 30% of a buildings annual energy usage. Biostar specializes in implementing cutting-edge technology into your HVAC systems that drastically reduce your consumption and peak demand. A typical HVAC retrofit or new installation can save as much as 60% of utility costs associated with air conditioning. Retrofitting your existing HVAC units can reduce the wear and tear on your system and extend the life of the unit. Controls and active monitoring systems can help increase efficiencies of HVAC units to reduce your operating expenses even further.

BioStar is driven by the newest and most efficient technology so we can ensure we are capturing as many savings as possible. We are technology agnostic and are willing to find the product that suits our customers’ needs best.

Rebates and tax deductions can help reduce project costs up to 40% and reduce paybacks to as little as 12 months. BioStar’s financing requires no cash upfront and your monthly payments will be less than the savings from your retrofits.