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Projects - LED Is Revolutionizing Business

MC Realty Broadway Square & Downtown Garages

MC Realty is a leader in commercial building efficiency, especially in downtown Kansas City.  In 2016, MC Realty has done more than just promote energy efficiency; they have implemented energy efficiency aggressively in their buildings. BioStar and MC Realty have partnered on 9 LED lighting projects, mainly retrofitting parking garages and stairwells. Notable projects include the garage at the Marriott Downtown and the Broadway Square Building. At Broadway Square, BioStar retrofitted the parking garage and common area lighting including the main lobby and restrooms on each floor.

In total, the projects will save an estimated 2,000,000 kWh per year. This will reduce lighting costs for electricity and maintenance by more than 80%, saving more than $265,000 annually. The project payback is only 3 years. The brighter light and better coverage improves safety and security, particularly in the garages, for the tenants and visitors.

BioStar has completed over 250 LED lighting projects in 24 states valued over $10 Million!

Lighting Up The World

  • TJMaxx-ManchesterNH-040110-002-lighting
  • Anchorage-103108-0486-lighting
  • LTG-American-Tobacco-Corporate-Durham-20140221-AFTER-012-lighting
  • InnovColdStorage-SanDiegoCA-051909-001-lighting
  • LTG-MainSt-Roadway-RacineWI-042110-26-lighting
  • Anchorage-103108-849-lighting
  • Cree_Auto_MJNissan_DurhamNC_00-lighting
  • LTG-WPalmBeach-Airports-PalmBeachFl-041210-009-lighting
  • Cree_Auto_MJNissan_DurhamNC_006-lighting
  • Cree_Retail_Walgreens_GoodyearAZ_008-lighting
  • Cree_Auto_MJNissan_DurhamNC_0028-lighting-&-REnewables
  • LTG-Greensburg-Roadway-GreensburgKS-070709-003-lighting

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Our central location in the Kansas City metro area makes it possible for BioStar Lighting to provide complete solutions for commercial LED lighting systems across the United States.

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