SuperSix™ Organic Fertilizer


BioStar Organics owns two proprietary, patented technologies for producing high-nitrogen OMRI certified organic fertilizer from animal manure.

SuperSix™ Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

The first true 6% plant available N organic certified and OMRI-listed organic nitrogen fertilizer. SuperSix™ is a honey-colored, translucent, liquid-organic, ammoniacal, nitrogen-fertilizer that will flow freely through irrigation/fertigation delivery systems as well as drip-tape delivery fertigation systems. It will not clog, has a non-offensive odor, and is concentrated. SuperSix™ meets the NOP requirements for use in organic farming and is an OMRI listed product. By concentrating, we reduce water content in the liquid to decrease our shipping costs. SuperSix™ is the best in class-organic liquid-fertilizer for certified organic growers. SuperSix™ is easy to handle, will not settle, and has a very low freezing temperature. SuperSix™ is free of pathogens and harmful bacteria because our high-temperature anaerobic digestion process destroys pathogens in manure. It is a revolutionary fertilizer that delivers great results and higher crop yields.

BioStar’s patent number, US 2013/0283872, is for the concentration of nitrogen into a liquid fertilizer product derived from the effluent from anaerobic digestion. Nitrogen is a compound of ammonia produced by anaerobic digestion, which drives the major value of the fertilizer component of SuperSix™. Clean water is also a by-product of BioStar’s nutrient recovery system, reducing water pollution in the surrounding ecosystem.

Product Features

  • Plant-available no matter the conditions
  • SuperSix™ is the only OMRI-approved, liquid-organic source of 100% plant available fertilizer on the market
  • Over 90% ammoniacal, the most plant available N organic fertilizer in the industry today.
  • Performs during low ambient and soil temperatures of the early season
  • Easy-to-use
  • Particulate-free
  • Flows easily and cleanly through drip lines and sprayers without clogging
  • Food safe
  • OMRI listed and safe for use on fruits and vegetables within days of harvest
  • Both heat-treated and ultra-filtered to ensure safety and quality