Allen Philo

Allen Philo

V.P. Fertilizer Sales & Operations


Allen is a farmer with a decade of experience in fertilizer sales and organic farming, and he holds a B.S. in Soils from the University of Wisconsin. He has worked both in managing large organic farms to acting as a crop consultant for farms from North Dakota to Ontario.

Over the past decade, Allen has been asked to speak at multiple conferences on the subjects of soil health and how to develop fertility programs for organic growers. He has also appeared on the Farmer to Farmer Podcast with Chris Blanchard, a podcast with a large listening audience in the organic world, where he discussed fertility, soil health, and cover cropping.

Throughout his career, Allen has developed a wide range of contacts in the organic fertilizer industry as well as a reputation as a consultant that farmers trust. Allen is responsible for fertilizer sales and distribution at BioStar and will help the company continue to close the gaps in nutrient cycling present in our modern agricultural system.

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