Skelly Building – Kansas City, MO – LED Lighting Project – Kansas City

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Skelly Building

Location: MO | Industry: Commercial Real Estate | Technology: Electricity | Role: Developer

A leader in commercial real estate service and innovation,??_Block & Company Inc.??_has established an initiative to save energy and money across their portfolio of properties. Searching for energy efficiency solutions that make economic sense, they have partnered with BioStar Lighting, completing LED projects at the Skelly Building,??_The Landing Mall, Summit Woods pads and Summit Crossing.

At the Skelly Building on the Country Club Plaza, home of Block & Company Inc.’s headquarters, the LED upgrade of more than 1100 fixtures achieved 71% energy reduction, saving almost 300,000 kilowatt-hours per year. Including maintenance savings, the retrofit reduces total lighting costs by 75%, resulting in a 1.9-year payback after a rebate from KCP&L.

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