MC Realty – Kansas City, MO – LED Lighting Project – Kansas City

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MC Realty

Location: MO | Industry: Commercial Real Estate | Technology: Electricity | Role: Developer

MC Realty is a leader in commercial building efficiency, especially in downtown Kansas City. MC Realty has done more than just promote energy efficiency, they have implemented energy efficiency aggressively in their buildings. BioStar and MC Realty have partnered on nine LED lighting projects, mainly retrofitting parking garages and stairwells. Notable projects include the garage at the Marriott Downtown and the Broadway Square Building.

The projects received two awards from the Department of Energy and US Green Building Council’s 2016 LEEP campaign for Highest Percentage Energy Savings in a Retrofit at a Single Parking Structure and Exemplary Office Sector Parking Facility.

In total, the projects will save an estimated 2,000,000 kWh per year. This will reduce lighting costs for electricity and maintenance by more than 80%, saving more than $265,000 annually with a payback of three years. The brighter light and better coverage improves safety and security for the tenants and visitors.

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