Marriott KCMO – LED Lighting Project

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Marriott KC Interior

Location: MO | Industry: Commercial Real Estate | Technology: Electricity | Role: Developer

BioStar Renewables was selected to replace the metal halide fixtures in the parking garage at this iconic hotel which has been a feature of the Kansas City skyline for decades. Using energy efficient LED fixtures and enhanced photometric design, the BioStar team was able to drastically improve the light levels in the garage, all while generating big savings for our customer. The fixtures utilize built-in infrared sensors to maximize savings by slightly dimming and conserving energy during times with no foot or vehicle traffic. BioStar has been partnered with several projects at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown related to energy efficiency and building optimization.

BioStar Renewables was proud to be invited back to the Marriott Downtown Kansas City to help tackle an interior lighting project primarily consisting of “”back of the house”” lighting, stairwells and more. Many of the fixtures replaced or retrofitted are operational 24/7, which created substantial energy savings and a fast payback. The hotel was able to further utilize Evergy’s energy efficiency rebate program to help pay for the project.

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