Majestic Crossing Dairy

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Majestic Crossing Dairy

Location: Wisconsin | Industry: Farming | Technology: Waste-to-Energy, Organic Fertilizer | Role: Developer

BioStar and its equipment suppliers have extensive experience in handling and processing dairy manure. Dairy waste is more difficult to process than other waste since it contains high amounts of fiber and a lower concentration of ammonia — making a fertilizer plant more profitable due to the high volumes of waste.

BioStar partnered with Majestic Crossings Dairy in Sheboygan Falls, WI to successfully run a solid-liquid separation system that produces the same centrifuge system to remove the fiber, separate the suspended solids and reverse osmosis, which separates the dissolved solids. BioStar’s patented process produces the secret sauce, SuperSix™ Organic Liquid Fertilizer. During the final evaporation step, the system removes water and concentrates the Nitrogen, resulting in the final product.

Not only does SuperSix™ meet National Organic Program (NOP) requirements for farming, it’s easy to handle, will not settle and has a very low freezing temperature. Additionally, manure pathogens and harmful bacteria are destroyed during the anaerobic digestion process, resulting in an OMRI Listed product that’s safe to use on fruits and vegetables.