Basis Charter Schools – Multi-Site (AZ, CA, NY, PA, TX), Various – LED Lighting Project – Multi-Site (AZ, CA, NY, PA, TX)

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Basis Charter Schools

Location: Various | Industry: Education | Technology: Electricity | Role: Developer

BioStar has supplied energy efficient lighting to all 16 of Basis’ new school builds from California to New York since 2012. At first, the architect on the jobs specified traditional lighting. Eventually, he saw that on average, each school is able to save about $25,000/year from reduced energy consumption, and a further $7,000/year in maintenance savings through avoided bulb and ballast replacement. The LED lights use 60-65% less energy. Now the architect understands that energy efficient lighting in schools is a smart choice, and specs LED lights in all new builds. BioStar supplies the whole lighting package, right down to the exit signs.

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