RENEWables Episode 18: An Insider’s Look at America’s Evolving Waste Economy – Renewable Natural Gas Provides a New Solution to Landfills

We continue the RENEWables series, “An Insider’s Look at America’s Evolving Waste Economy,” with BioStar’s Peter Goehausen and learn how companies entrenched in the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry are equally as connected to the Waste to Energy sector. Reimagining waste streams to create products that are reengineered into valuable assets, is not only environmentally beneficial but a major economic driver. We spotlight BioStar’s San Bernardino WtE plant and demonstrate how it helps CA businesses adhere to state mandates to reduce carbon emissions, while generating electricity and gas from renewable energy sources like Biogas. This discussion breaks down the complex RNG industry and provides a basic market framework for how clean energy and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCSF) programs are shaping the U.S. economy.