RENEWables Episode 17: (1 of 4 Part Series) Organic Farming & BioStar’s Patented SuperSix Organic Liquid Fertilizer

This RENEWables episode kicks off the first of a 4- part series look at BioStar’s Organics business — a success story that’s been 12 years in the making. From within, we unpack BioStar’s origin story, the evolution of our patented SuperSix Organic Liquid Fertilizer, and why SuperSix has become such an invaluable asset to organic farmers across the U.S. John Martin, COO and President of our Organics team, has truly pioneered his way through the market and provides a fascinating look back at the industry at large. He highlights details of our newest San Bernardino, CA “Organic Energy Solutions” plant and plans to expand the business model to lead the way in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions across the state of CA.