RENEWables Episode 9: River-Borne Commerce Enhances Sustainable Cities

Join us for this interesting discussion and learn how Kansas City ismaximizing one of the its greatest assets to ensure a strong future—From river-borne commerce to the streetcar to the development of the Berkeley Riverfront, this episode covers all things KC!

Kansas City is doing some impressive things with transit-oriented development, responsible land use and smart-city growth. On this week’s episode of RENEWalbes, Krishan Purvis of Port KC takes a deep dive into one of the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals and shares his passion for “Sustainable Cities.” He explains how the Port Authority of Kansas City is using a historical river system to redefine the importance of waterway transportation. River-born commerce has seen a dramatic increase in tonnage over the last several years as companies recognize it as an affordable, efficient and sustainable way to move product. One barge is equivalent to 16 railroad cars or 70 truck trailers, so utilizing the river not only reduces highway traffic but also greenhouse gas emissions.