STRATEGY: Sustainable Energy Investment

BioStar Renewables is a sustainable energy investment company providing equity and structured debt capital for renewable energy infrastructure projects worldwide. We seek project investments that are in the later stages of development. We are primarily focused on sustainability in the energy sector including solar, CHP (Combined Heat & Power) from both biogas and natural gas and energy efficiency. BioStar prefers to invest in projects that utilize proven technologies, that have an extensive useful life, maintain long-term off take agreements with creditworthy counterparties, and that generate stable and predictable cash flow streams. We provide financing to experienced developers who often find it difficult to secure capital for their projects, or whose projects may fall outside of the range of other energy and infrastructure funds.

BioStar focuses on segments of the energy industry where significant change is underway and where the team has a demonstrable edge by virtue of its experience and its sponsor base. Tremendous change in the energy industry creates challenges but also great opportunity for governments, businesses and individuals alike to improve the way they secure and provide energy in a more sustainable way for the decades ahead.investment_graphic

  • Long-term cash flows via Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Offtake Agreements (OA) / Feed-in Tariffs (FIT)
  • Municipalities, corporations utilities, and other credit-worthy counterparties
  • Indirect inflation / commodity hedge via contractual energy price increases

  • Best design value for long-term ownership
  • Deliver turnkey wrapped Engineering / Procure / Construct (EPC)
  • Project management and Executive oversight

  • Project finance including tax-credit monetization
  • Long-term ownership after tax credit flip
  • Vertically integrated, operator-based platform enables direct operational value-add post investment