Investment Partners

Greencastle has capital commitments in excess of $3 Billion dollars to address multifaceted requirements in the mission critical data center space, providing a unique value proposition to a diverse client base. Core competencies include the ability to:

  • Develop and operate highly efficient and functional mission critical assets
  • Obtain sufficient clean or renewable energy solutions for base load power
  • Finance the significant IT equipment utilized within each facility

Greencastle operates at the crossroads of three high growth market segments:

  • Data center
  • Energy, including “Green IT” where BioStar is a strategic partner
  • IT equipment leasing

Target clients are both blue-chip enterprise and federal.

Greencastle maximizes investor returns by facilitating the redevelopment of undervalued mission critical assets into fully functioning data centers and energy assets, and the sale-leaseback of existing data center portfolios for enterprise clients.

Lodestar was formed to become a market leader in the United States for development of large-scale distributed renewable energy solutions for commercial, governmental, and non-profits to achieve zero carbon emissions. To date, Lodestar has achieved that goal, with the largest zero emissions town in the United States, including its 5 MW facility on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In 2015, Lodestar completed over 15 MW of projects, and the company continues to enable governmental entities and private entities to enhance efficiency and maximize profitability through reduced operating expenses.

Lodestar consists of capable experts at engineering, designing, and deploying the most appropriate renewable energy solutions, in order to produce clean, inexpensive green power providing immediate savings to our clients. Whether our clients intend to own energy assets, or desire to work with Lodestar to structure a creative financing solution that dovetails with the clients’ short-term resources and long-term goals, Lodestar has the legal, accounting, industry knowledge and financing capabilities, resources and expertise to custom tailor a solution for every opportunity.

Lodestar is truly a total turnkey renewable energy solutions and services provider with complete assessment capabilities ready to be deployed locally, nationally and internationally. Lodestar employs the best renewable energy experts in the industry today, and has a coalition of procurement and construction alliances that assure the most innovative turnkey solutions for their clients.

BioStar™ Organics is a waste-to-energy company focused on converting livestock manure into premium organic fertilizers and electricity.  We utilize revolutionary high-temperature anaerobic digestion.  The resulting fertilizers are the first pathogen-free, food safe liquid organic fertilizers approved for use on produce, lawns and golf courses.  They have been proven to out-perform traditional synthetic fertilizers in many applications, increasing plant productivity.

Our responsible waste management technologies benefit farms, their local communities, and the greater eco-system as a whole.  The sustainable process reduces greenhouse gases, pollution, pathogens and waste.  The biogas byproduct is captured and used to create renewable energy solutions.  Clean water is also a by-product of the process.

The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge is one of our nation’s most impactful energy efficiency programs. The program identifies technology solutions and commercial sectors that have the most potential for energy savings.

As a Financial Ally to the Better Buildings Challenge, BioStar Lighting has committed to investing at least $25 million in building energy efficiency projects and promoting innovative energy financing opportunities. BioStar is honored to join the other Better Buildings Challenge financial allies, making the commitment alongside institutions such as Bank of America, Citi, and PACE Equity. It brings to the Challenge a unique blend of financial capabilities and expertise in the energy sector.

The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge is a Presidential initiative that aims to make commercial and public buildings at least 20% more efficient by 2020. Experts estimate that a 20% reduction in commercial and industrial energy use would reduce business owners’ energy bills by roughly $80 billion annually. Currently, more than 250 organizations and businesses, representing 3.5 billion square feet of building space, 650 manufacturing facilities, 50 cities and states and 25 financial allies committing $5.5 billion in energy efficiency investments, are partnering with DOE. Partners are setting energy savings goals, developing innovative energy efficiency strategies, adopting cost-effective technologies and market practices, and sharing their progress in order to assist in developing replicable solutions.

The strategies, solutions and technologies of partners are shared publicly in the Better Buildings Solution Center.

Visit Better Buildings Challenge site


The Team at SolarMart has developed/installed over 800 solar systems for businesses & residences in Colorado & Hawaii. They are experts in both grid-tied and off-grid systems, and specialize in providing the best possible return on investment.

By combining specialized energy efficiency equipment and solar photovoltaics, SolarMart delivers the best possible return on investment.

SolarMart has a showroom in Colorado that features cost-effective renewable energy solutions to reduce energy bills.  They feature four state-of-the-art design stations, used to give customers a quote within minutes that details the cost, savings, return on investment, and cash-flow over a 25 year snapshot.  The showroom also features vendor partners who specialize in other renewable and energy efficiency technologies – home energy audits, electric vehicle charging, energy controllers, high efficiency windows, and solar thermal.

SolarMart’s Team has been involved with both large and small projects, including the Town of Breckenridge, Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Robin Restaurants, Oppenheimer Funds in Centennial and First National Bank in Boulder.