About BioStar: Renewable Energy Investment Firm

sustainable energy investmentBioStar Renewables is a renewable energy investment firm that specializes in energy infrastructure projects and companies. BioStar is primarily focused on sustainability in the energy sector including solar, WtE (Waste-to-Energy), biogas, CHP (Combined Heat & Power), LED lighting and energy efficiency. We have a particular focus on “Green IT” whereby we deliver sustainable and renewable energy solutions to the data center industry.

The BioStar team consists of professionals with a unique blend of construction, renewable energy, private and tax equity, project finance, asset management, real estate development, fund investment, investment banking and operations experience. Find out more about our team.


BioStar makes equity and equity-linked renewable energy investments in sustainable infrastructure projects and targets areas of the market underserved by most energy funds. BioStar focuses long-term relationships with earlier-stage developers for infrastructure projects with energy off-take contracts, proven and reliable technology and strong visibility into revenues and cash flows in sectors where the team has a demonstrable edge by virtue of its experience and its sponsor base. We look for opportunities whereby we can deliver our construction expertise to the benefit of all partners. We will make operating capital loans to high-quality firms that provide a pipeline of high-quality projects.


Tremendous change is taking place in the worldwide energy industry, creating the opportunity for governments, businesses and individuals alike to improve the way they secure and provide sustainable & renewable energy for the decades ahead. BioStar seeks to be the preferred capital & construction partner to these innovators and developers of tomorrow’s energy infrastructure.  These changes create challenges but also great opportunity for governments, businesses and individuals alike to improve the way they secure and provide energy in a more sustainable way for the decades ahead. Our partners provide the system retrofits and upgrades required to enable this. BioStar seeks to be the construction and preferred capital partner to these innovators and developers of tomorrow’s renewable energy infrastructure.


The BioStar family consists of three operating companies:

bioSTAR_solarrenewable energy investment: solar

BioStar Solar, a full service solar development company with extensive experience to build, own and operate customized turnkey solar solutions. This company is headed by Bill Carleton, President and COO.


biostar_organics-1renewable energy investment: biogas and biomass

BioStar Organics, an agricultural waste remediation and biogas company focused on sustainable solutions to the organic fertilizer industry. BioStar Organics utilizes revolutionary waste-to-energy technology to transform agricultural waste and other types of biomass into renewable energy and high-quality organic fertilizer. The process benefits farms, their local communities, and the greater eco-system as a whole. This company is headed by John Martin, President and COO.


bioSTAR_lightingrenewable energy investment: LED Lighting Upgrade at Roberts Chevy

BioStar Lighting, an LED lighting company that provides reduced energy consumption through turnkey LED lighting installations, which include design, installation and LED lighting financing. Mark Mansheim, President & COO, heads this company.