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BioStar Partners with the U.S. Department of Energy

BioStar Lighting is expanding its network of partners to include one of our nation’s most impactful energy efficiency programs – the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge. Their team has already completed projects from coast to coast through their national network of strategic partners, and they are assisting nationally recognized companies such as Hallmark to […]

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Hallmark LED Lighting Renovation at Crown Center Surpasses Expectations

Once again, Hallmark is leading the way in adopting cutting-edge technology, with extremely positive results. Hallmark is working with BioStar Lighting to begin retrofitting parking garages, starting with the very prominent Crown Center garage. The resulting transformation has received extremely positive responses regarding the light output, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

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KC Business Journal Guest Column: The new reality for renewable energy

By Bill Love, CEO of Biostar Renewables There have been numerous articles recently regarding wind and solar energy being priced competitively or cheaper than natural gas or coal.  Pundits are quick to point out that renewables receive substantial subsidies to make them competitive.  Fossil fuel interests in Congress have perpetually pushed for ending the Production […]

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BioStar Lighting, formerly Bright Green Savings, is taking lighting to a new level of innovation

BioStar Lighting is a turnkey LED lighting supplier specializing in the design, installation and financing of energy savings lighting projects. We specialize in a diverse range of commercial projects, have exclusive partners to help bring the customer the best product suited for their project and offer internal financing options to help customers benefit from LED […]

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