BioStar Organics


SuperSix 6-0-5 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

The first true 6% water soluble N organic certified and OMRI-listed organic nitrogen fertilizer.

Product Features

  • Water Solube and Plant Avaialbe No Matter the Conditions
  • SuuperSix is the ONLY OMRI approved liquid organic source of 100% WATER SOLUBLE NITGROGEN fertilizer on the market.
  • The most plant available organic fertilizer in the industry today.
  • Performs during low ambient and soil temperatures of the early season.
  • Easy to Use
  • Particulate free
  • Flows easily and cleanly through drip lines and through sprayers without clogging.
  • Food-safe
  • OMRI certified for use on fruits and vegetables within days of harvest.
  • Both heat treated and ultra-filtered to ensure safety and quality.

About SuperSix

SuperSix is a honey-colored, translucent, liquid organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer that will flow freely through irrigation / fertigation delivery systems as well as drip tape delivery fertigation systems. It will not clog, has a very low non-offensive odor, and is concentrated. SuperSix will meet the NOPA requirements for organic farming and will also comply with OMRI certification criteria. By concentrating, we reduce water content in the liquid to reduce our shipping costs. SuperSix is the best in class organic liquid fertilizer for certified organic growers and also the perfect organic input for conventional growers. SuperSix is easy to handle, will not settle, and has a very low freezing temperature. SuperSix is pathogen and harmful bacteria free because our high-temperature anaerobic digestion process destroys pathogens in manure. It is a revolutionary fertilizer that delivers great results and higher crop yields.