Tutera Retirement – Kansas City, MO – LED Lighting Project

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The Tutera Group Headquarters

Location: MO | Industry: Healthcare | Technology: LED Lighting | Role: Developer | Energy Savings: $40,467/YR

Project Details

Tutera Group began upgrading their portfolio of senior living communities and real estate with the LED retrofit of their headquarters located at 7611 State Line Rd in Kansas City.Ê The project received an award for ÒExemplary Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality Sector SiteÓ from the Department of EnergyÕs Better Buildings Challenge Interior Lighting Campaign. The award recognizes the exemplary performance in BioStarÕs application of high efficiency troffer lighting systems and Tutera GroupÕs commitment to energy reduction. More than 600 lights were retrofitted, reducing the buildingÕs lighting energy use by 62% and saving over 100,000 kWh of electricity per year.

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