WELCOME TO BIOSTAR: Renewable Energy Investment Company

BioStar Renewables is an independently managed renewable energy investment company that sponsors a series of tax equity and funds that invest in and/or acquires renewable energy infrastructure projects from experienced developers. Our principle’s and our partner’s expertise in design / build construction provides the highest quality construction services for the best value and fastest delivery. Since we are long-term owners of energy assets, we take a long-term perspective for engineering and construction value.

BioStar supports renewable energy investments for infrastructure projects with proven and reliable technology, long term energy purchase contracts and predictable cash-flow streams. BioStar has strategic & economic partnerships with our construction partners such that all parties’ interests are aligned to both create and deliver long-term economic value.

Our central location in the Kansas City metro area, paired with our national network of strategic partners, makes it possible for BioStar Renewables to be a dynamic partner in renewable energy companies across the United States and worldwide.